What is Mogees?

What is Mogees?

Let your musical imagination run wild

Let your musical imagination run wild

What is Mogees





Mogees is a novel technology that turns physical objects into unique musical instruments by converting the vibrations that we make when we touch them into sound on the fly.


The Mogees sensor is combined with a mobile app that detects and analyses the acoustic properties of physical objects and modifies them so as to make music.

We’re playing!

Mogees Classic, Pro and Pro KickStarter are here!

August has been an incredibly busy month, but we are now proud to see our first units been received and used by our beta testers. We shipped the 65 golden units about 3 weeks ago and the 79 red units for the other beta testers......

22nd November – ARS MUSICA Brussels

Bruno Zamborlin will be talking at ARS MUSICA, the International contemporary music festival held in Brussels - www.arsmusica.be - 2014 edition “Mini-Maxi” – 14 > 30 November. Every year, Ars Musica focuses on musical creation. Other forms of art also participate: dance, video, visual and multi-media forms of art. Ars Musica is......

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