What is Mogees?

What is Mogees?

Let your musical imagination run wild

Let your musical imagination run wild

What is Mogees





Mogees is a novel technology that turns physical objects into unique musical instruments by converting the vibrations that we make when we touch them into sound on the fly.


The Mogees sensor is combined with a mobile app that detects and analyses the acoustic properties of physical objects and modifies them so as to make music.

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1st of December 2014 TEDx Brussels

Bruno is honoured to have been invited to speak for the second time in TEDx Brussels. He will present his latest piece “Diana” made in collaboration with Companie Blu Cinque and with a score by PLAID. TEDx Brussels brings world-class speakers to the heart of Europe with......

14th – 19th October 2014 EARZOOM Sonic Arts Festival

Since its first edition in 2009, the EarZoom sonic arts festival is featuring a selection of artistic and scientific work from the field of contemporary electro-acoustic music. „Music technology startups“ is the central theme of this year’s festival and points out artistic projects that emerged......

Monday 06 October 2014 Hardware Startup Lab

We have been invite to take part in the HS LAB hardware startup showcase in partnership with HP, Intel and Nvidia. HP is hosting us at The Vinyl Factory, an amazing venue in the heart of Soho that can accommodate over 300 people. The evening will take place as part of ZED, a two-week show where HP hosts award-winning......

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