What is Mogees?

What is Mogees?

Let your musical imagination run wild

Let your musical imagination run wild

What is Mogees





Mogees is a novel technology that turns physical objects into unique musical instruments by converting the vibrations that we make when we touch them into sound on the fly.


The Mogees sensor is combined with a mobile app that detects and analyses the acoustic properties of physical objects and modifies them so as to make music.

We’re playing!

21st August- Reverb Festival: Bruno Zamborlin + Plaid

This Thursday the 21st of August, Bruno Zamborlin and Plaid are playing at the Roundhouse as part of the Imogen Heap’s Reverb Festival – Black Box Explorations. Doors open at 6pm and at 9pm join us to see Plaid performing Reachy Prints, their latest release, alongside......

Beta delivery is imminent !

Dear Friends We’re delighted to give you the good news you were waiting for. We’re counting down the days now until we get the first Mogees units delivered from the factory! Only 10 days to go until we get the lovely gold units for the......

Imogen Heap’s Reverb Festival

We are delighted to be a part of the Imogen Heap’s Reverb with Black Box Explorations. Coordinated as part of the Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse, which will be held on the 21st of August. Doors opens at 6pm; and at 9pm, see Plaid performing......

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